Coding and Documenting PATH Services

*** Non-Credit CD-ROM Course ***
A self-paced CD-ROM continuing education course from HealthcareBusinessOffice

Coding and Documenting PATH Services (Physicians at Teaching Hospitals) is a CD-ROM based interactive course. This course covers coding, documentation, and physical presence requirements of services rendered by physicians at teaching hospitals (PATH).

The course reviews in depth coding responsibilities and documentation requirements for PATH activities. Five major areas for the teaching environment are covered. Course users are asked to answer true/false, fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions to complete case studies and practice questions on material covered by course slides.

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Who Should Take this Course?

  • Coders and billers who bill for PATH
  • Compliance officers at teaching hospitals or settings
  • Auditors who review teaching hospital documentation and coding

This course covers the following major topic areas:


  • When supervision is required
  • Supervision guidelines for minor procedures, endoscopy, psychiatry, diagnostic testing, consultation and anesthesia services
  • Acceptable supervision and documentation during surgery
  • Teaching physician responsibilities under the Primary Care Exception Rule
  • Establishing and documenting key and critical portions of service provided


  • What teaching physicians must document.
  • Proper way to reference resident’s notes, document participation and presence during service.
  • Examples of unacceptable documentation.
  • Documentation guidelines when multiple residents are involved.
  • Documentation for E/M services.

Coding and Billing

  • Coding for the teaching physician’s time.
  • Coding time based codes for the teaching environment.
  • Coding for E/M services provided by PATH.
  • Connection between documentation and coding/billing.
  • Coding teaching physician’s time and effort under the Primary Care Exception.
  • Coding E/M services under the Primary Care Exception Rule.
  • Coding PATH services when a resident needs assistance while services are in progress.


  • What auditors look for when reviewing records in a teaching environment.
  • Areas most targeted during audits.
  • Teaching physician efforts properly supported by documentation.

Defining a Teaching Facility

  • Differentiating between a medical student and a resident/fellow.
  • Compensation of residents vs. PATH
  • Graduate medical education (GME) program requirements of the teaching hospital.

The self-paced nature of the course allows you to work at your own pace. All of the content is accessible at any time and in any sequence, so you can use this CD as a reference afterward.

To run Coding and Documenting PATH Services on your computer, you must have a PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or later, and a CD-ROM drive. The course is completely self-contained on CD; Internet connection not needed, and nothing gets loaded onto your hard drive.

NOTE: This is a non-credit course. No preapproved CEUs are associated with this course.

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Discounted price for Professional Association (e.g. AAPC, AHIMA, PMI) members: $115 plus S/H and sales tax if applicable

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