Media Options

There are two media options for courses from HealthcareBusinessOffice: the original CD-ROM format, and more recently, Cloud-CD™.

CD-ROM offers the freedom of not needing an Internet connection, and not having to deal with any annoying timeouts or expiring passwords for access to the course. It does, however, require a Windows PC with a CD- or DVD-ROM drive. Over the years, many of our users have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the advantages of this format.

More recently, we introduced our exclusive Cloud-CD™ format, allowing the same benefits of the CD-ROM by putting its image “in the cloud”. Of course, this format requires Internet access, but the other advantages are still there, like no timeouts or expiring passwords.

em- Cloud CDCloud CD™ also offers these additional benefits:

  • Runs with both Windows PC and Apple Mac computers and laptops
  • Courses with this option have a lower price than the CD-ROM option. Because we don’t have to ship anything to you, we pass along the savings to you.
  • You have immediate access to the course on Cloud-CD™ minutes after you complete your online order through our website.

Cloud-CD™ supports a number of configurations, but our courses are best viewed using a laptop or desktop computer, because of the amount of information that appears in most slides, which may not display as well on some tablets. It is possible to view a Cloud-CD course on a tablet computer like an Android or Apple iPad device, but again, the best viewing is typically enjoyed on full screens found on laptop and desktop computers.

Here are some of the configurations supported through Cloud-CD:

  • Windows® PC (e.g. Windows XP, 7, or 8) using Internet Explorer or Chrome browsers (best viewed on Internet Explorer)
  • Apple Mac computer using Safari or Chrome browsers
  • Android tablet device using Chrome browser
  • Apple iPad tablet device using Safari or Chrome browsers

Licensing remains the same as with CD-ROMs today – one user license is included with the purchase of a course. If you want to share the course with other users so they can get the benefit of the preapproved AAPC CEUs, you’ll need to purchase an additional user license for each additional user.

In both cases of CD-ROM or Cloud-CD™, there is never anything installed or downloaded to your computer’s hard drive while you’re using it.

While Cloud-CD™ is not available for all courses, it is for any title bearing AAPC-preapproved CEUs. Check a course’s detail page to see which media options are available for purchase.