Online EasyPayments

For select AAPC CEU-bearing courses (CD-ROM only), you have the option to pay for your CD-ROM purchase in 2 Easy Payments, using your credit card on our site. (Please note, not all courses are eligible for the 2-payment plan.)

For the 2-payment plan, you pay half the CD-ROM purchase price (plus shipping, a processing fee, and sales tax if applicable) at time of order, and the other half of the purchase price is conveniently billed to your credit card 30 days later. What could be easier?

(EasyPayments plans are only available when purchasing online through this page of our website, not by telephone, fax, or mail orders, and not applicable to Cloud-CD purchases.)

The EasyPayment plan is not applicable to additional user licenses. (You’re charged in full for additional license products at time of order.) There is a $10 per-CD fee added at time of order, for each CD-ROM purchased with the EasyPayment plan.

CD-ROM courses require a PC running Windows® 7, 8, or later operating system, and a CD or DVD drive. For orders placed online, allow a processing period of up to 5 business days, before it is shipped.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-515-3235.


(All sales final on CD-based education course products. No refunds apply.)

Prices shown below reflect 2 payments only for the course, not including service charge, processing and handling, and any applicable sales tax.


.   buttonB1                            buttonB1
.     2 x $267.50                               2 x $267.50
.   button8                            button8
.     2 x $199.00                               2 x $199.00


.   buttonB1
.    2 x $267.50
.   button8
.    2 x $199.00